I inspire you
to find your uniqueness
and energize you
to make a change
aligned with it

I’m Ágnes Jagicza, coach.

Ex-executive, entrepreneur, systemic team coach, OD consultant, life coach.

I’m one of the few professionals who could call themselves a coach even before the term was known in Hungary. I obtained my MSc coaching degree during my corporate executive role, later I became a certified Systemic Team Coach, and recently also a professional life coach.

My experiences and the methodologies I’ve studied give me a wide range of knowledge, as well as an important mindset: I don’t just see organizations as systems, I see the human side as well, with all its unique, intertwined areas of life. With this complex perspective and an empathetic, people-focused personality, I can be truly effective in my role as a coach.

I work with people who believe they have the potential to be satisfied in both their careers and personal lives, but who know something is holding them back, something has gone off track, and they want to do something about it.

Breaking out of the same old weekday routine requires curiosity, bravery, risk-taking and making a change.

I believe that coaching can be a tool for bringing about real, profound change. During our work together I will inspire you to find your uniqueness, and as a catalyst, I help you ignite change in your life.

You might want to consider working with me if…


you need to face an important decision in your life, you are thinking about taking an important role or starting your own business and you would like to have an outside perspective to help you see the situation with fresh eyes


you are in a transition phase in your life and you are thinking about restarting your career in a way aligned with your values and goals


you are ready for change but are missing the inspiration, energy, or courage to jump right into it


you are in a leadership role and would like to discuss your challenges with an experienced individual


you are successful in your job, but have some challenges in your personal life


you have a happy personal life but your career has been stagnate for years

How can I support you?

My personal story influences the topics in which I can support you as a coach. My personality and my story of continuous evolution enable me to act as a catalyst, as a spark, for you. My executive experience makes me a great ally in your leadership endeavours. My professional interests and my empathy, along with my systems thinking, make me passionate about finding a sustainable balance between our personal and professional lives. These topics are all part of who I am, and I’m happy to support you in any or all of these areas.

A spark for change

You know you have the skills and knowledge to step up, but there is something holding you back. You are intelligent, ambitious, but you lack the spark and the energy needed to finally dive off the edge of the cliff. As you work with me, you will get this spark. As a change catalyst, I help you grow wings so you can finally jump and fly. You’ll start your business, you’ll become more self-confident, you’ll be reborn, feel energized and in the zone again.

Paradigm shift as a leader

You are a leader at any point in your career, interested in becoming a truly inspiring leader. As a senior executive I personally experienced the challenges of each phase of the leader’s lifecycle: what it’s like to be new in the role, to face challenges of all kinds on a daily basis, or to go through the transformation of leaving a top position. I understand your situation and speak the same language you do. Together we discover the real leader within you so that you can fall in love with this role, and experience working with people as a source of pleasure, not pain. This way you’ll learn how to deliver results through the power of cultivating relationships.

Sustainable balance

We are always monitoring how things are going in our professional and personal lives. We have challenges in both areas, sometimes one is going better, another time the other. I help you find more harmony and balance between these two areas, no matter which one of them needs more attention right now.


What does the coaching process look like with me?

I believe in interventions that bring results and change. Life can challenge us at any moment, there are situations that can’t wait even a week to be resolved. I am not the kind of coach with whom you set up appointments months in advance. Instead, we discuss events as they come up and evolve, sometimes spontaneously. Sometimes a 15-minute phone call can make a big difference when you need to make a decision quickly, face a difficult conversation, or overcome an unforeseen challenge.


Why work with me?

When you are choosing a coach, it is important to consider two factors. You need to feel that you have rapport and trust in your future coach so you feel safe to share openly. Plus you have to find her credible due to her experience.
I know about leadership and entrepreneurship not only from books and I had to face and overcome various personal life challenges too. Combined with my curiosity to learn up until today, I can support you with a wide variety of methodologies.

My story

I always have the power to start over

As a child I wanted to be a doctor or an actress.

Eventually I ended up getting my first degree in International Relations at Corvinus University in Budapest. I was interested in connections, people, and the multicultural aspect of our world. The same interest brought me to Paris and the corporate world, where I started to realize that I enjoy influencing others, and that working with a team to move toward a common goal is what drives me. At this point I didn’t have enough self-awareness to realize that people and connections are my biggest interest, and that these two factors could have an even more important role in my career. So instead of moving in that direction, I went back to school and got a law degree from Eötvös Loránd University in Budapest, even becoming a licensed lawyer. Looking back, I don’t regret this decision, because it helped me at the beginning of my career, even if later I realized that my real interests are people and organizations.

These steps led me to leadership positions in legal and HR departments, and I’ve spent the last 13 years as an employee as a member of the executive board at Invitel Zrt.


During this period it became crystal clear that I’m mostly interested in human beings, their drive, their depth. So in addition to my economics and law degrees I decided to get a degree in coaching and organizational development. Today I support teams and help them reach peak performance as an external consultant.

As my story suggests, change has been and remains an integral part of my life to this day. And thanks to this ever-winding road, I eventually ended up becoming a mixture of a doctor and an actress: whenever I stand in front of others and present, I’m giving a performance. Whenever I try to understand the internal processes and feelings of people, I’m a physician searching for the root causes of the issues.

Spreading inspiration and finding the best solutions for the issues we discover is what drives me to continuously learn and acquire new certifications.

My certifications

If you would like to take a look at my professional CV, my education, my certifications, visit my LinkedIn profile. But here are some of the certifications I find most relevant when I work with you as a coach:

  • Coaching MSc – Henley Business School (University of Reading, U.K.)
  • Senior Practitioner Diploma in Systemic Team Coaching (ACSTH) – Academy of Executive Coaching (London, U.K.)
  • MBTI, Belbin akkreditáció, Worldview facilitátor
  • Professional Life Coach (ACTP) – Coach Training EDU (U.S.)
  • Certified Success MindsetMap™ coach
  • Professional Certified Coach, PCC (International Coaching Federation)

I can work effectively with people who…

  • are genuinely open and curious
  • need an energy boost in order to get moving
  • don’t want to seem perfect all the time, and want to show both the real human being and the real professional within themselves
  • look at their leadership responsibilities not only as a role, but as an inner commitment
  • want to pour their heart and passion into their work while achieving results and having a satisfying personal life
  • are talented, intelligent, but lack self-confidence to step into their next big challenge
  • see themselves as a whole person and believe that their life can’t be divided into separate personal and professional selves
  • want to work with both the left and right side of their brain and take their emotions into account
  • not only want to excel in their work, but in their other relationships as well

What’s it like to work with me?


Focus and energy

I believe in quick, efficient, and timely interventions. I help you keep your focus:with my intuition, I quickly root out the core cause of an issue. Even though I work with a complex toolkit, I know that sometimes the simplest questions can bring us forward the most. After our sessions you will be energized, inspired, and able to get into action steps.


Tough love

I’m a real optimist and always have a positive attitude and fresh perspective. This doesn’t mean that it’s always easy or pleasant to work with me. I will provoke you, challenge you, and be radically candid. I change between attitudes of “challenge” and “support” according to what’s needed in our process. I believe that you can only achieve profound change if you are willing to honestly face yourself.


Strength and vulnerability

My strength is combined with intuition. I can sense even the smallest things and bring them forward as valuable information. I believe that observation and this kind of sensing is a powerful tool in coaching. It allows me to give full focus and attention to my clients while maintaining a high level of energy. I also believe that ease, joy, and bringing out our inner child is important, since taking ourselves too seriously is often what holds us back. I believe breaking these barriers makes a coaching process even more effective and professional.

If you still want to get to know me and how I think about leadership and life, you can find more to read here.
I publish short voice notes on my blog about the topics that emerge in coaching conversations that might be interesting to you as well, if you consider working with a coach as well. Take a look, maybe you find some insights regarding your challenge already.
If you got intrigued, just get in touch and let’s have a real conversation!


I’m a leader – even if I’m sitting alone in my children’s room

This is because I have a lot of experience as a leader, on both the corporate side and the consultancy side. I spent years of my career as a C-level executive and am currently leading my own consultancy business. I know the realities of everyday leadership very well.

However, I also believe that being a leader needs to come from within, without the formal support of a top-level position. Leadership is not a task, but a mission, an inner commitment. My own leadership is now fueled by this deeper purpose and I support other leaders to find their own drive, their own purpose, in their own roles.

I strongly believe being a real leader means that in addition to facts, tasks, and strategy, we must build on the connections and relationships we have with others. I can support you in this paradigm shift as well, so you can achieve a state where your team members work for your shared goals with a light in their eyes.Throughout the process, I’ll guide you to help discover what makes your eyes light up as well.


Connection with yourself and others

For me, leadership has a broad meaning. Anyone can be a “leader” based on a job title at an organization, but the biggest challenge is being the leaders of our lives. How we connect to ourselves and others is key to our happiness, but the pace at which we are living right now makes this very challenging.I experienced this firsthand when I had to go through the process of reconnecting to myself, which resulted in my own personal transformation.

Ever since then, the following question has been at the center of my interests: How can we find the balance between self-realization, searching for something that gives us purpose and passion, and maintaining real connections with others? We take it for granted that we need continuous improvement in our work lives, but being at our best in our private lives requires a great deal of energy and personal development as well.

I believe in the coexistence of freedom and love, which means that I can fully be myself and harmonize it with a romantic relationship, a marriage, and a family. This is why I recently turned to life coaching: so that I can support those who want to build a sustainable balance between their careers and personal lives.


“This is key in her coaching: openness, honesty, to the point approach. As mentioned before, I participated several international trainings within my company but the coaching brought real break-through in my development. …. My colleagues, my boss immediately realised the change and that the coaching was working.”

Katalin Sarkadi

Head of Marketing Services, Imperial Tobacco

„Individual coaching sessions for a pragmatic approach of the Hungarian and French cultures, associated with collective support of my management team, have really helped me to structure the changes I wanted to commit to prepare the future. This approach based on a joint effort of integration and understanding of the political and professional context in which we operate, has fostered mutual trust within the team, has allowed to accompany the needed organizational changes, for the benefit of a better collective work for increased performance.”


Commercial Director at EDF DEMASZ Zrt.

„I can strongly recommend her as she is very professional via which during the coaching you got real answers and working solutions tailor-made to you, within a relatively short, but effective way.”

Hajtó Zoltán

Head of HR, Lapker



Let’s get in touch! If you think that you need the kind of energy I can provide through my coaching, let’s start a conversation about your goals and aspirations.

I start every coaching process with a free, 30-minute trial session where we can both decide if we want to work together.